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We often asked ourselves why do I have to go to the store to pick an item I already ordered. While thinking about this question, we stumbled upon a simple solution to a problem of time efficiency in daily life. No one likes to go to the store to pick up items that take a large amount of time out of their day. Let customers pay the exact price for their purchases and a reasonable fee for delivery. Customers pay less overall, Merchants do not discount their goods and drivers get to keep all that they earn. We deliver the most value to our customers while assuring to drivers that they are receiving the benefits.

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A small inconvenience that allows you to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. It also allows anything to be picked up from anywhere and be delivered anywhere. For example, a helpful store clerk could tell you that the shoes you like in a slightly different color are 30% cheaper. You could also have your backpack that you forgot at your friend’s house delivered to your apartment or work.
The App calculates the fee taking into consideration the difficulty of the delivery.
When you get the delivery fee quote, you know what all your charges will be, no need to calculate what a fair tip is, you are able to express your level of satisfaction by rating your delivery, and requesting the same driver on future deliveries if you desire.
We are an App/Platform that efficiently connects people wishing to have any items picked up and delivered anywhere, in a timely manner.
Please contact us at info@gofrcorp.com

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